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The citizens of Pearland are lucky to have a fantastic Animal Control facility and staff that works diligently to reunite lost pets with owners. Over the past seven months (this was posted 5/11/12), Pearland Animal Control has been able to reunite more than 200 lost pets with their owners. Pearland Animal Control uses all resources available including newspaper postings and internet blogs (such as Craigslist) to help owners find their missing pets.

All of the local veterinarians in the area all work closely with Pearland Animal Control to help the citizens of Pearland find their lost canine and feline family members. If you have lost a pet, in addition to contacting your veterinary hospital, please contact Pearland Animal Control at 281-652-1970 or [email protected].

You can also email us pictures of lost or found pets at [email protected] and we will post the photo and information in our hospital . Our facebook page is also a great place to post photos, feel free to visit our page with the following link. facebook.jpg

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